3 Tips for Supporting Instructional Technology Coaches

When you think of a coach, oftentimes a sport is what first comes to mind. But coaching also happens within the realms of education for both students and teachers.

While technology in the classroom has allowed many teachers to take on more of a coaching or mentor role, teachers are also turning to “Instructional Technology Coaches” to help guide them through the many new decisions that need to be made inside the modern classroom. Because the role of the Instructional Technology Coach is continuing to grow, it’s important for school districts to create a support system to help the coaches stay on top of their own professional development.

Encourage Lifelong Learning
Use professional development sessions to help coaches dig deeper into various technologies, such as learning management systems and social networks, and how to incorporate them into lessons. The more your coaches know about technology, the more agile your teachers become in the classroom as they benefit from coaches’ knowledge. Encourage coaches to think outside the box as they learn more about these technologies, and watch as the options for instructional technology become limitless.

Empower Responsibility
Find ways to inspire your facilitators to take responsibility for the teachers they coach. If your facilitators feel some connection to the teachers’ success, they can have a larger impact on teacher performance. When someone takes responsibility, they also take ownership, and you want both your coaches and your teachers to own the success in the classroom. Ultimately, empowering responsibility creates a way for you to hold your entire team accountable.

Enjoy Reflection
“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” The same holds true with technology. Reflection is a requirement of success so schedule time to look back on student performance, teacher progress, and the professional development of your coaches. Some great reflection activities include group feedback sessions and independent writing activities. Incorporating these types of activities will allow your team to recognize errors or inconsistencies and quickly make adjustments.

Supporting your Instructional Technology Coaches will not only have a tremendous impact on teachers, but students are sure to benefit as well.