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Top 15 Twitter #Education Hashtags


education twitter hashtags

Twitter’s hashtag feature is one of the easiest ways to connect with other Twitter users on a shared topic. Using a Twitter hashtag aggregates any tweet containing that hashtag into a searchable and easy to follow list. Generally, users add a hashtag to a tweet to direct it towards certain searches and interests, regardless of time, but combining hashtags with a scheduled time to use them creates a sort of chat room for anyone tweeting.

Below is a list of our top 15 hashtags for educators.

Hashtags for Shared Topics

#blendedlearning: Blended Learning
#BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
#commoncore: Common Core Standard
#cybersafety: Cyber Safety
#DigCit: Digital Citizenship
#education: General Education
#edtech: Education Technology
#elearning: E-Learning
#flipclass: Flipped Classroom
#K12:  K-12 Education

Hashtags for Group Chats

#blendchat: Blended Learning
#cpchat:  Connected Principals
#edchat: General Education Chat
#educhat: General Education Chat
#lrnchat: General Education Chat

Bonus: @Gaggle_K12 Hashtags

#GaggleSpeaksGet updates on blog posts on the Gaggle Speaks blog.
#GaggleEveryday: Read about tips and ideas on implementing Gaggle in the classroom.
#GaggleSafety: Follow along with tips for keeping students safe in the classroom and read about how Gaggle has helped students.

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Alex Beck Gaggle Safety Management Supervisor

Alex Beck is a regular contributor to the Gaggle Speaks Blog and on Twitter @Gaggle_K12. He tells the incredible stories of how Gaggle Safety Management helps save lives, intervenes in dangerous situations, and keeps districts informed to questionable communications. Alex also has experience in the music business and ecommerce maintaining a self-started music apparel company.

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