Top 10 Facebook Pages for Educators

Facebook Pages are a great resource for educational technology professionals to find companies, thought leaders, groups and organizations to share ideas and experiences with peers while expanding industry knowledge and increasing connections.

While today’s connected educator and administrator should be no strangers to the world of Facebook, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Facebook pages every educator should be following.

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) is a membership association that connects educators and edtech professionals interested in cultivating knowledge and sharing ideas for the betterment of the learners.


2. Edutopia
Edutopia is a thought leader in education, focusing on research and technology while advocating for the best, fresh ways to keep learners engaged to prepare them for what the future holds.

edutopia facebook

3. Education Week
Education Week is a leading news source for all things education from preschool through high school. Publishing since 1996, Education Week is a powerhouse of a news source and can be utilized by all educators regardless of position.


4. Facebook In Education
Facebook In Education connects educators to share thoughts and use cases for Facebook in the classroom. Students are using Facebook anyways, and this page is dedicated to helping educators dial in to that use and make it a learning environment.


5. Free Technology for Teachers
The name is rather self-explanatory for this page, but Free Technology for Teachers is an excellent resource for today’s connected teacher to utilize cost-free technology in the classroom.

free tech

6. Scholastic Teachers
Scholastic Teachers focuses on literacy, as well as personal and cultural growth. This is a very active page with content ranging from in-depth thought provoking articles, to quick money-saving classroom tips.


7. EdReach
EdReach is one of the smaller groups on our list, but with a mission statement of “To take education forward, by bringing voices together,” and an invigorating list of values, the content coming from this page is great for any educator.


8. TED-Ed
It seems almost too obvious to include a TED page in any “must follow” Facebook page list, but TED is an excellent source for “lessons worth sharing.” The focus is very broad, but this page’s generalities make it appealing to anyone interested in education.


9. Education World
Education World publishes curated news, lesson plans, tips and ideas, and shares a wealth of knowledge between educators.

education world

10. HuffPost Education
The Huffington Post’s Education hub focuses on K-12 and is an excellent, all-encompassing, news source for educators and education industry professionals. This page is an extension of the website news, but it’s an excellent addition to a Facebook news feed.


BONUS! Gaggle
Visit the Gaggle Facebook page for content ranging from our Gaggle Safety Management stories about saving student lives, to the latest innovations in the education technology industry.


Head over and follow these Facebook pages to spruce up your feed with some excellent education content and let us know in the comments which Facebook pages you think deserve your “likes.”