To Change or Not to Change… Is it Really a Question?

When websites like Google or Facebook change something in their interface or create a completely new version we rarely get much advanced notice, let alone an opportunity to keep things the way they were.

While the iterations we experience often bring plenty of grumbling, we eventually adjust, and later admit that the change was actually for the better. It’s rarely easy or quick, but the “all in” approach makes for a smoother and, ultimately, faster transition.

We embraced this approach with the launch of Gaggle’s Next UI coming later this month. This means that we want all of you to jump right into the new interface starting on June 15th. Of course, we understand that some schools are still in session, so we’ll adjust the date for those districts as needed. Making this a district-wide decision will make it easier for your technology facilitators to support everyone using Gaggle.

Teachers and administrators who have been participating in beta testing did not receive any advanced training on the new interface. We wanted to know if they would find it easy to use, and, so far, they’ve been very positive about their experiences. In fact, Jessica Clough, a teacher in Tyler, Texas, recently said:

“Gaggle seems a lot easier to navigate. Before my students (and I) would have to hunt for certain features. It doesn’t seem that way with the new UI.”

Individual responses to change can vary widely. If you’ve had experiences where change was difficult or unsuccessful, you might be somewhat skeptical. We assure you that we’re here to help you with the transition.

As you get ready for the Next UI, please take advantage of our free Gaggle product webinars, and watch your Gaggle inbox for more information and support guides. We’re sure you’ll find the new interface to be clean, simple and intuitive, and you’ll be “all in,” too!