Tips for Using YouTube Safely in the Classroom

Millions of users login to YouTube every day. Imagine the power a safe version of YouTube could have in the classroom. With an effective and safe integration like GaggleTube, YouTube can take your e-learning and flipped classroom strategies to higher heights. Just follow these tips to get started.

Build a playlist of existing videos
Browse existing videos and tag them to start organizing them into playlists. The playlists will serve as a way for students to learn more about various topics. The videos can provide more exposure to students on topics they’re struggling with or simply want to learn more about.

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Create videos of your own
In addition to using existing material, you can also record your own videos. A video can even be a great lecture capture tool. Students can learn about specific topics and ideas you would like them to focus on, and you can add your personal touch. Recording videos for your students is an effective way to provide more details on particular topics for students to review outside of the classroom. Furthermore, the benefits these videos can have on ESL students is invaluable as they gain the option to rewind, fast forward, and repeat.

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Get the students involved
If you’re planning to use safe YouTube as an instructional tool, why not also give students the opportunity to join? Video assignments are a great way for you to judge students’ knowledge retention and critical thinking. Moreover, allowing students to record their own videos means more interactivity and creativity in the classroom. The use of videos as instructional tools, as well as assignments, can shift the mood of the classroom making it fun and encouraging student engagement.

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If your school is not using a safe version of YouTube, make sure you’re aware of student safety concerns and be sure to consider privacy settings within the app.

Want to learn more about Gaggle’s safe version of YouTube?  Contact us today for a demo of GaggleTube.