Tips for School Leaders Going Digital

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to deny the positive impact that technology has on student learning. But no one really wants to be pressured into anything, so here are some tips to keep in mind throughout your digital journey.

blue one smallMake sense of the purpose
Technology for technology sake is useless. Consider the purpose of technology in the classroom and develop a plan from there.

green 2 smallTry it out on a few before rolling it out to many
As great as digital tools can be in the classroom, there’s no need to go for a total overhaul. Your student population and even your teachers may not be ready to totally flip the switch. Choose a handful of forward-thinking faculty who can pilot a few different tools. Get early support from teachers, technology directors, instructional technologists and others. Then track the success and use the data as you continue to a full rollout.

orange 3 smallCheck and test your infrastructure
Make sure your school has the infrastructure to support any edtech initiative. For instance, if you want to implement a BYOD program, make sure your Wi-Fi can support the volume of users who might be logged on at any given time.

yellow 4 smallLet your teachers play a role
Teachers can quickly turn into your number one supporters, but if they aren’t part of some of the decision-making, their interest—regardless of how great the edtech—could cause the project to fail. Consider including some teachers for their thoughts on how some of your ideas on technology might work best in their classrooms.

pink 5 smallPrepare for change 
There is only one constant about technology, and that is change. Flexibility is a major component to successful technology implementations. Keep an open mind and stay on top of the trends in technology. Use the data you collect from your pilots and rollouts to inform future decisions.

Implementing edtech has become a task for most district leaders. There is plenty to consider when rolling out a digital implementation, and if you start with these tips you will be well on your way.