Is it Time to Fix Your Outdated School Website?

Websites are a great communication tool for your school district. Oftentimes, parents, students and even community members rely on a school’s website for information, news and regular updates.

But what happens when your website isn’t actually communicating the message you want because of outdated information? Or worse, your school website is filled with so much clutter that it isn’t communicating anything at all? After you get done reading this post, give your website a quick once over. If it falls into one or more of these categories, you should consider an update very soon.

Takes What Seems Like Hours to Load
Our world is fast paced. Everything is immediate, and your school website isn’t exempt from that expectation. If your website takes more than four seconds to load, then it can’t be effective. The website is the first place many parents go for information. If your website isn’t as responsive as they would like, they’re picking up the phone to call the school office. Consider how many questions can be answered with the convenience of a school website that loads fast. Imagine how many fewer calls would come into your admin office.

Information Overload
Think very carefully about your target audience and the experience you would like them to have when visiting your website. Putting a variety of information on every nook and cranny of your website isn’t helpful, and discourages visitors who become overwhelmed and lose focus on what they were actually looking for in the first place.

The Only Consistency is Inconsistency
Examine the use of fonts and images on your website. Also, take a look at the overall organization. Is there a consistent style that puts the visitors at ease? Are there various typos and dead links? A school is considered to be an authority on education and consistency, and many visitors expect that credibility to show through on the school’s website. Go for a redesign that is clean and easy to navigate and proofread for typos and links that are no longer working.

Not Mobile-Friendly
Websites that cannot be accessed from a smartphone or a tablet are far behind the times. Parents deserve instant access to stay informed about their children, and having a website that has a responsive design is the best way to satisfy the immediacy they urge.

While the school website might be the last project you have on a list of priorities, it’s the first thing parents and other community members think of when they want to learn more about your school or check up on their children. If your website matches any of the descriptions above, start planning your new website now.