The Argument Over Personalized Learning

While teaching strategies are oftentimes slow to shift, technology continues to cause huge disruptions in education. From subtle shifts like the use of eBooks instead of printed textbooks, to more drastic changes such as the use of personalized learning platforms, the digital age has captured the attention of every educator.

Too often, the discussion about moving more technology into the classroom turns to pushing more teachers out of the classroom. But the use of technology does not eliminate the need for teachers. Arguably, it reestablishes the value of having teachers in the classroom. Teachers and personalized learning actually belong on the same side of the fence because, in a perfect world, both work together to foster an environment where learning lives and students thrive.

Here are some more reasons why personalized learning and teachers are actually better on the same team:

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Personalized learning helps the teacher easily identify trouble areas for students, allowing instructors to focus their time on subjects that students are struggling with rather than simply teaching to the middle.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Using personalized learning addresses Benjamin Bloom’s notion of the 2-sigma problem allowing students access to a learning experience that more resembles a personal tutor, which oftentimes isn’t available.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Teachers can benefit from the real-time data analysis of personalized learning, which means teachers have additional methods to measure and address student performance.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Paperwork and administrative tasks can be minimized allowing teachers more time to spend focusing on pedagogy and teaching strategies instead of busywork and mundane tasks.

Personalized learning is a promising innovation for the classroom. Both students and instructors stand to benefit greatly from such technology. With the right balance, students can soar to levels never imagined, allowing teachers to reach new heights as well. When given the opportunity to use personalized learning platforms, approach it with an open mind and remember all of the benefits to both students and teachers.