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Teachers’ New Assignment Baskets


Inside the classrooms of Alhambra Elementary School District in Arizona, teachers are beginning to create paperless classrooms thanks to the integration of Gaggle and Google, which has led some teachers to remove the baskets from the corner of their desks.

The connection was such a smooth process that Ruben Montoya, district Instructional Technologist, is already witnessing its power. “Students were now collaborating on two presentations at the same time,” he said.

Additional benefits include:

  • Students are simultaneously creating, editing and collaborating on assignments.
  • Teachers are focusing on teaching while relying on Gaggle to monitor students for inappropriate behavior online.
  • Students have anytime anywhere access through the district’s 1:1 program, allowing them to always have their work and assignments.

Read more about how Alhambra is using Gaggle to help them save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication and collaboration with their students, all while keeping their students safe.

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