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Social Network Spotlight: Signal

Signal is a bare bones messaging application for iPhone and Android, specializing in secure and encrypted communication between users. Here are some pros, cons and tips for educators.


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Social Network Spotlight: Swarm

Swarm is a very focused app that is only truly functional if the user is visiting physical locations and checking in. Because of the need to check in and the competitive aspect, students could leave themselves vulnerable to online predators and other dangers.


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What’s Up With WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging service that aims to replace regular text messaging. Unlike most other messaging apps, WhatsApp accounts are created with a user’s phone number and offer regular messaging, group chats, voice messages and image sharing in one-on-one and group conversation settings.


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Kik App Requires Transparency and Clear Monitoring by Adults

An app known for something like child exploitation might seem like it should be avoided at all costs, but like numerous apps mentioned in our Social Network Spotlight, with proper monitoring by an informed educator or guardian, Kik is usable.


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Social Network Spotlight: Appear.in

Appear.in is a video chat service that allows up to eight users, desktop or mobile, to connect without an account or login. Users create a video chat room and send a link to whomever they choose. Anyone with the link can participate in the video chat.


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Social Network Spotlight: YouTube

YouTube is the leading social network for sharing and consuming videos. Users are able to view video content created by anyone in the world, and can upload their own videos for the world to see.


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Social Network Spotlight: Twitter

Twitter is the king of what is know as “microblogging.” Tweets are comprised of 140 characters, can contain links, images and videos, and can be shared publicly or to a chosen group privately.


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Social Network Spotlight: Snapchat

Snapchat is a unique photo sharing social network. Users are able to send photos and videos that “expire” in a chosen amount of time. The app is based around a friend list where users can send and receive photos and videos either publicly or privately.


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Social Network Spotlight: Instagram

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a social photo sharing website and mobile application that allows users to share photos privately to an approved list of users, or publicly to anyone with an account or link.