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Google Apps for Education Setting Goals

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Two Simple Ways to Get Started with Google Apps

While many educators choose Google Apps for Education (GAFE), others have it fall into their laps. Regardless of which side of the classroom you’re standing, it’s important to set goals and lead by example.

Google Drive Parents Classroom

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5 Ways to Engage Parents Using Google Drive

Parents are just as consumed with technology as their children. If you’re having a challenge reaching parents, it might be because your methods are outdated. Consider trying a little technology to encourage parent engagement.


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Getting Started With Google Apps for Education Training

Training is extremely important from day one, and it should continue throughout the adoption year and beyond. It’s always a good idea to find a small group of teachers ready to learn and share what they’ve learned. It’s important for schools to promote the value that GAFE will bring to teachers, parents and students. Start by identifying key benefits.


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9 Favorite Chrome Extensions for the Classroom

Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. Here are nine of our favorite Google Chrome extensions.


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5 Tips for Using Google Apps to Go Paperless

Google Apps for Education offers students and teachers the opportunity to create and share without ever picking up pen and paper. As you move towards a paperless classroom with Google Apps, countless hours in the copier room vanish, allowing you to spend more time on teaching and planning.


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Understanding Safety Risks and Removing Obstacles with Google Apps for Education

Unfortunately, inappropriate conversations between students and others are not uncommon throughout Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Not only are students having these conversations, they’re also sending inappropriate pictures of themselves and deleting them afterwards.