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Student Safety Notification: Students Responding to Ads for Sex on Craigslist

Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives have noticed a trend of students placing and responding to ads for sex on Craigslist. This trend crosses many geographical areas and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Alarming Videos Sent Through Video Kik App

Kik, as well as its sister app, Video Kik, is a popular tool used for sexting and the sharing of inappropriate photo and video. Recently, we notified a district of a very alarming video requiring immediate attention. This video was sent using Kik’s application ‘Video Kik’.

Ferguson Student Protesters

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Is Your School’s Blocked Words List Capable of Handling Controversial Events?

In order to help protect students and create teachable moments that promote digital citizenship, any educational tool that uses a blocked words list should be able to be updated at a moment’s notice. One example came from the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.


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New EdTech Videos Tell Stories of Real Student Safety

“Real Students. Real Stories.” shows the importance of the work the Gaggle Student Safety Representatives do on a daily basis to prevent students from being exposed to dangers like pornography, child predators and cyberbullying. Hear real student stories about how Gaggle Safety Management has been credited with uncovering drug use, bullying, and threats of school violence, teen depression, suicidal intentions, and abusive domestic situations.

Gaggle Human Monitoring Service (HMS)

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Safety Management in Action: Staying Aware of School Threats

Multiple students were discussing a threat of violence involving a gun that had been sent over the social networking chat application, Kik. The threat had already been safely dealt with and the school had taken every appropriate measure, but because the students were continuing to discuss the events of the day, Gaggle Student Safety Representative’s alerted district contacts to further communications.


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Safety Management in Action: A Literal Life-Saver

A cry for help sometimes is hard to distinguish from simple teen angst. The context and tone in student communications, including the many social media messages and notifications unrelated to school, require the same diligent observation to assure student safety.


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Safety Management in Action: Staying on Top of Terms Students Use

The language students use to describe drug use, alcohol, parties, sexual activity, bullying and more are always changing, requiring the Gaggle blocked words list to be constantly updated to adapt to new trends and terminology.


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Safety Management in Action: Are you confident your students are protected from predators in and out of school?

The same ease-of-use provided by the internet for a student with a knowledge-hungry mind is also a tool that gives sexual predators and pedophiles easy access to social profiles and email of students. Many of the most common social networks require very little setup and can easily connect two people with no previous interaction. Are you confident your students are protected from predators in and out of school?


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Safety Management in Action: A Student Told to “Kill Herself”

The phrase “kill myself” was sent through Gaggle 1,807 times in the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year at an average of nine times per day. Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives monitor every one of these frightening declarations and have the critical job of identifying the difference between a reckless misuse versus a true threat to a student’s safety.