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Top 5 Questions Regarding Waves of E-Rate Funding

Leading up to this week’s announcement from the Schools and Libraries Program about the first wave of funding commitment decision letters (FCDLs) for fiscal year 2014, here are answers to five frequently asks questions about the waves of E-rate funding.


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Need E-Rate Assistance This Weekend or Next Week?

The Schools and Libraries Program (SLD) has announced that the Client Service Bureau (CSB) will be open this weekend from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to provide assistance to E-rate applicants. School districts are encouraged not to wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday to file applications, assuming the Form 470 28-day waiting period has expired, as the USAC website sometimes experiences error messages and very long processing between pages.


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Answers to 3 Popular, Last Minute E-Rate Form 471 Deadline Questions

The Form 471 deadline is fast approaching. Don’t wait until next week to file your Form 471 if your Form 470 28-day waiting period has passed and your vendors have been selected/contracts signed. Here are answers to three of the most popular questions asked by even E-rate veterans.


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Answers to 9 Common Questions About E-Rate Contracts

When E-rate evaluations are complete and you’ve selected a vendor, the next step is putting pen to paper and signing a contract. Before you do, here’s a list of nine frequently asked questions about E-rate contracts and the answers that can make the process a lot easier. Do I need my school board to approve…

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E-Rate: What’s Next Now That You’ve Posted Form 470

Whether or not you’re aware of the proposed E-Rate reform, there’s some important dates within the next month or so that should be on your calendar.

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“Grab Gaggle and Let Your Technology Fly!”

“This is going to change everything that we do!” Awed by the range of the Gaggle platform and the fellowship and enthusiasm among the staff working to implement Gaggle, Pete Boudreaux, one of the St. Mary Parish supervisors who attended Gaggle training, couldn’t help but vocalize his enthusiasm. This excitement is coming from a district…

CIPA Compliance - Gaggle

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Clearing Up Confusion About CIPA Requirements

Do you know and understand the requirements of the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)? In a recent article published in Tech & Learning, educators are reminded of the the reasons CIPA requirements are in place, what they are and how they fit into the E-Rate picture. The facts about CIPA: • A filter is required to…