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You Won’t Believe What Students are Doing!

Did you know that 25% of public schools report that bullying among kids occurs on a daily or weekly basis? Or, that 1 in 5 high school students reported being bullied during the past year? How about the fact that 48% of teenagers say that they’ve received a text with sexually suggestive content.


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5 Digital Citizenship Resources to Review

Technology plays a large role in the classroom today, and the impact it has had on student performance is phenomenal. Children and teens use of technology spills over into every aspect of their life that the lines can sometimes become blurred.


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Social Network Cheat Sheet on How to Report Cyberbullying

Responsible educators should be aware of how to deal with situations as they arise. Sometimes the best way to put an end to online abuse is to report, block or ban the user. Take a look at this list of popular social networks and a guide to reporting abuse.


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Should Schools be Responsible for Tackling Cyberbullying?

Before the internet, bullying could be dealt with where it occurred. Teachers and administrators could deal with bullying and discipline during the school day while parents would take over in the evenings and on weekends. It was simple to manage where the issues should be dealt with. Now that cyberbullying has become a real concern...


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Social Network Spotlight: Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform owned by Yahoo that allows users to post photos, videos, text and other media created by themselves or “reblogged” from other users. Tumblr embraces adult/mature content.


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5 Facts About Cyberbullying

Bullying has morphed into something that is quickly getting out of control. While traditional bullying can stop on the playground or at school, cyberbullying continues outside of school hours. It weighs heavily on the psychological and emotional health of teens and children involved, sometimes leading to anxiety, depression and suicide.


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4 Reasons Why Digital Citizenship Belongs in Your Curriculum

Social media has become a big part of our everyday lives, including those of children and teens. At the same time, technology continues to play a major role in the classroom, yet negative consequences like cyberbullying are growing concerns in schools across the country.

Handle Cyberbullying

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12 Cyberbullying Terms You Probably Don’t Know

By now, everyone has heard about cyberbullying and understands what it means. But many educators still don’t know about the terms and language that have developed around the term cyberbullying.


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Cyberbullying: A Lesson Using Gaggle

School Spotlight: Tyler ISD, Tyler TX Part of the Gaggle family since 2012, Tyler ISD has a staff of over 2,500 serving a student population of 18,300 Pre-K through high school students. Funded by eRate, grades 4-12 use Gaggle primarily for email and Assignment Drop Boxes – according to Cody Levrets, Tyler’s Facilitator of Instructional...