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How Gaggle Safety Management Fulfills Your Internet Safety Policy

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires the adoption and enforcement of an Internet Safety Policy. In conversations with schools and districts across the country, we’ve learned that some districts still don’t have a policy in place, while others struggle to keep them accurate and up to date.

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Why You Should Be Concerned About Children Unknowingly Interacting with Predators

Technology presents some unique challenges for young children especially with the Internet offering individuals who prey on youth even more outlets to attack. Want proof? Intel Security recently released a study, “The Realities of Cyber Parenting: What Pre-teens and Teens Are Up To Online.”

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What is Digital Citizenship?

“What is Digital Citizenship?” After a decade of writing on this topic and even now with the number of others that have joined the conversation, we still come back to the same question. Everyone seems to know the issue, but coming to a consensus regarding what needs to be done becomes much more involved.

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Safe Apps to Recommend to Parents

Shouldering the responsibility of cyber safety should not solely rely on just parents or educators. We should all be facilitating an atmosphere that enables and empowers kids to become each other’s “cyber-shadow” through social/emotional lessons in social media.


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Being a Cyber-Mentor: A Role For All Ages

Cyberbullying and online cruelty are growing concerns that don’t seem to be fading. Encourage your students and your colleagues to be a cyber-mentor to someone who they know is struggling.


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Does Your School Need Digital Citizenship Lessons? The 7 Question Test

When technology and real world experiences clash, as in the case of the selfie stick and crowded places, guidelines or best practices can help keep everybody happy. That’s exactly what “digital citizenship” is: Best practices for technology use.


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Understanding Safety Risks and Removing Obstacles with Google Apps for Education

Unfortunately, inappropriate conversations between students and others are not uncommon throughout Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Not only are students having these conversations, they’re also sending inappropriate pictures of themselves and deleting them afterwards.


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Strategies for Cultivating Safe Schools

With violent acts—ranging from cyberbullying to campus shootings—remaining in the news, schools continue to face the challenge of making students and parents feel safe. It’s important to develop strategies that illustrate to parents, students, and even teachers that the school is equipped to handle unsafe behavior. Here are three strategies to help cultivate a safe school environment.


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Handling Cyberbullying

Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying requires no physical venue and isn’t confined to a schoolyard. Incidents of cyberbullying can occur in text messages, email, Facebook posts, chat rooms, and many other ways, at any time of day. New social networks are created quicker than ever, and with the debut of every new network comes a new place for cyberbullying to occur.