Students Thrive With Fewer Access Restrictions to Digital Tools

Restricting access to digital learning tools isn’t the best way to keeps students safe. In this “walled garden” approach to online safety, students will climb over, or dig under, a walled garden to get to places where they shouldn’t be.

Students learn best in a garden with plenty of open gates where adults can provide teachable moments. Perhaps no one believes this more than Amber McMillan, District-Level Instructional Technology Facilitator, at Henderson County Public Schools in North Carolina. Amber was searching for a learning management system that she felt comfortable allowing students to use. “We wanted to still have some control while teaching students how to use those tools in a positive way,” she said.

Amber discovered that Gaggle provided a way for the district to remove many of the restrictions it had in place, resulting in many successful initiatives, including safe student blogging and access to safe YouTube videos. “Teachers were thrilled to be able to have these digital tools to use,” said Amber.

Read more about how Henderson County Public Schools is using Gaggle’s Safe Classroom Learning Management System to promote student engagement and embrace the benefits of online learning in a safe and controlled environment in the case study, “Creating Mountains of Opportunity for Students and Teachers.”