How Student Safety Saves Lives in Edison Township

Many of my colleagues and I are extremely fortunate to meet passionate educators willing to share emotional stories with us at ISTE, Tech & Learning SchoolCIO Summits, K-12 Innovation Forums and other events.

To be honest, these folks make our jobs a lot easier by retelling these stories to their peers about how, if not for Gaggle Safety Management, students’ lives would have been impacted forever. Our most recent case study on Edison Township Public Schools is the result of the district’s incredibly-friendly superintendent, Dr. Richard O’Malley, sharing his stories during a recent ERDI conference.


Thanks to the help and cooperation from Dr. O’Malley and Brandon Uhlig, Edison Township’s talented one-man video team, we also were able to create a short video about the results of using Gaggle Safety Management in the district. In both the case study and video, you’ll learn how Edison Township Public Schools:

• Keeps students safe, both in school and at home, when using 1:1 devices starting in first grade.

• Discovered interesting ways that students were using Google Docs to communicate cries for help.

• Got buy-in from teachers, students and community members to help keep its digital transformation moving forward.

After watching the video, be sure to read the entire case study, “Student Safety That Saves Lives,” and learn more about how Gaggle helps students stay safe when using Google Apps for Education, by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.
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