Student Safety Notification: Students Responding to Ads for Sex on Craigslist

While students are constantly warned to stay safe on the Internet, some things just don’t come as advertised. Case in point: online classifieds. Many people use Craigslist to find furniture, cars or jobs. But there’s another function: sex.

Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives have noticed a trend of students placing and responding to ads for sex on Craigslist. This trend crosses many geographical areas and socioeconomic backgrounds.

In most cases, the students have either attempted to send or have had someone try to send them inappropriate images that are flagged by Gaggle’s proprietary Anti-Pornography Scanner. In other cases, students are offering to trade sex for drugs or vice versa.  In all of these cases, sending/receiving of these inappropriate messages never goes anywhere because it is flagged by Gaggle and then blocked.

Gaggle considers the practice of contacting unknown people for sexual purposes to be an immediate threat to student safety. When these Possible Student Situations are observed, we notify the district so they can intervene according to their policies.