Student Blogging Skills That Can Help Create Great Communicators

The immediacy of text messaging and social media can make it seem as if we’re robbing students of the opportunity to stop and think critically. But there are still ways to help students work on their communications skills without having to force them away from their tablets or other devices.

Blogging remains a viable option for helping students build the skills that will follow them through life’s journeys. Here are some student blogging skills that you might want to consider including in your lesson plan.

blue one smallThesis Building
Any form of communicationwritten or verbalrequires a thesis. When blogging, remind students that the point isn’t just to explore their thoughts onto the screen. Having a topic, position, qualification and reason captures and keeps the readers’ attention. Thesis building is a perfect skill to become a great communicator.

green 2 smallPublic Speaking
Helping students transition their written communications to public speaking is very important. If you encourage students to use videos of themselves in their blog posts, you can help them build the skills required for public speaking. You might even consider doing some live, news-style “vlogs” to further enhance critical thinking by recording on the spot.

orange 3 smallCredibility
Any good communicator exudes a strong sense of credibility. Use blogs to help students grasp the notion of research. Doing the proper research means students can join the conversation at the right time and appropriately contribute. Credibility brings forth a certain authority that makes it easier for an audience to be receptive to what’s being communicated.

yellow 4 smallChange
Nothing stays the same. We’ve seen our means of communication evolve over the past few decades and that will likely continue to happen. Allow students to use other creative methods to embrace the ever-evolving world of communication. Doing so will help them become and remain comfortable with how communication continues to change.

Each step required to formulate a student’s thoughts, conduct the required research, and determine the right tone are skills required for effective communication. Using blogs allows students to be a bit more relaxed and comfortable. Create great communicators by exploring the world of blogging with a few parameters and guidelines for students to follow.