Starting a Student Technology Support Team

Whether you choose a BYOD policy or your school or district provides devices through a 1:1 initiative, there will be some aspect of support required. If tech support is not a line item in a budget, the technology plunge might be a scary one.

But before you panic, consider starting a student technology team to offset the costs of hiring a full support staff. Implementing a student technology support team can have several benefits, including helping onboard a new technology adoption as well as providing the team of students with real-life hands-on experience. Here are a few tips to get started.

Start with a Plan
Outline your support needs and expectations. From there, you can determine how large of a team you need. If you’re not sure where to start, you can browse online for templates created by other schools.

Appoint an Advisor
While the students you select for the technology team can perform many of the support tasks required, they still should be accountable to a faculty advisor. The advisor will be responsible for recruiting students, outlining support strategy and the overall implementation of the team.

Set a Meeting Time
Encourage the faculty advisor to run the technology support team similar to other extracurricular activities on campus. The team should have regularly scheduled meetings either before or after school or even during school at a lunch hour. Determine a meeting schedule that works best and keep it consistent.

Design a Ticketing System
Use a tool like Google Docs where the team has access to information as it’s updated. You can log incidents there, create ticket numbers, and update records as issues are resolved.

Define Your Services
Once you’ve gathered a group of students, determine the types of services you will offer. It’s important to take into consideration the skills of the team you have. Decide on a set of realistic services and make teachers and students aware of what your team will provide.

Get Started
There’s nothing like a good kickoff to announce your new team. No need for anything too big, but it isn’t a bad idea to make some sort of announcement to let the school know about your student technology team. In your planning phase, plan a kickoff that fits your team and have some fun.