Spring Into More Student Engagement During Assessments

As you begin the assessment portion of your school year, remember that technology can continue to excite and engage students as you prepare to harvest all of this year’s learning. Here are three ideas.

  • Videos: Upload videos of lesson reviews and tutorials for your students to access anywhere, anytime. Or, allow students to create their own videos about assessment topics. Videos can be done with partners or groups and can include creative ideas, such as using current movie themes and TV shows for formats. Remember, all student submissions should be reviewed before videos are posted.
  • Chat Rooms: Create a “Virtual Peer Tutoring Center” for specific topics or subjects and allow students to serve as subject matter experts for their peers. Monitor the rooms live from any computer, anywhere, or print logs after the chats to review chat session content.
  • Text Messaging: Conduct an anywhere, anytime Quiz Bowl. Create topics or review questions and text them to students. Gaggle’s texting feature allows your students to safely text back responses without any cell numbers being revealed. Award points or privileges for participation and correct answers.

Whatever creative methods you use to engage your students during assessment review, remember student learning tools can increase student participation simply by using what they already love, technology!