Social Network Spotlight: Signal

The number of end-to-end encrypted messaging apps grows larger every day. While they’re not all about State secrets and Edward Snowden, arguments abound for and against message encryption.

Signal is a bare bones messaging application for iPhone and Android, specializing in secure and encrypted communication between users. The app is open-source and doesn’t generate revenue. Consequently, Signal doesn’t upload or store user data to serve ads. This consumer-conscious absence of gathering user information pushes it to the head of the class, edging other well-known encrypted apps like WhatsApp.  



Tips for educators

Wrap up

Signal is the market leader for security-focused messaging apps with end-to-end encryption. While many students aren’t seeking a totally secure messaging solution, using Signal doesn’t present danger within the app itself. Users aren’t able to connect with a stranger, join a chat room or submit photos to a possible predator solely by downloading the app.

Given that Signal is basically a more secure version of simple SMS messaging, the only way to ensure safety and responsibility is to keep an open dialogue and clear understanding of expectations and online privacy. The biggest concern for educators and parents should be that Signal uses a student’s existing contacts.

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