Social Network Cheat Sheet on How to Report Cyberbullying

Instances of cyberbullying, revenge porn and sexting are growing steadily as the number of users on social networks increase. Despite efforts to teach and promote digital citizenship, the anonymity of the internet and the ability to hide behind a computer screen continues to create opportunities for online abuse in various shapes and forms.

Responsible educators should be aware of how to deal with situations as they arise. Sometimes, the best way to put an end to online abuse is to report, block or ban the user. Take a look at this list of popular social networks and a guide to reporting abuse on each one.
Check the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the specific post that will be reported and click “Report post.”
Click “Report” in the bottom right of the post on the respective post page.
Click the flag icon on the top right of any post. Click “Block” on questions asked to users in their inbox.

Visit the “Reporting options” link in the Help Center.
Click “Contact us or report a problem” shown on the bottom of the page.

Facebook & Facebook Messenger
Visit Facebook’s “How to Report Things” page.

Visit the user’s profile page, scroll down and click on “Report this person?” located at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Click the arrow in top right of any post, and click “Report spam or abuse.”

Grom Social
Use live chat or email

Click the three vertical dots located at the bottom right of any photo and click the “Report Inappropriate” link.

Click on the flag button or the link adjacent to the content in question.

In the user’s profile, click the three dots in the upper right, and click “Block.”

Meet Me
Visit the
Meet Me report page.

Report any suspicious activity or behavior to

PlentyofFish (POF)
Click on “Report User” at the bottom of a profile.

Reddit Forums
Click the “Report” button on any link or comment.

Visit the Snapchat abuse page.
Visit the “Submit a Request” page.

Visit the Tagged report page.

Click the flag in the upper right of a conversation to “Block” or “Report” a user.

Visit Twitter’s “How to report violations” page.

Visit the Tumblr report page.

Visit the Vine report page.

Block the offending user.

Block an offending user from your inbox.

Yik Yak
Click “Report” near the bottom right of the post.