Social Media and Cyber Safety

New social media sites are rolling out more quickly than anyone can keep up. One of the newest sites on the scene is—a site where students can ask questions with the option of being anonymous has led students to be mean and deceitful to their peers.

 Across the board students are becoming more obsessed with sites like, Tumblr, Instagram, and SnapChat that allow them to “fly under the radar”. It is becoming more difficult to keep up with new social media sites and to monitor students’ online activity.  This in turn has lead to an increasingly large amount of cyber safety cases.

What This Means for Educators

Educators understand the benefits of using social media as a teaching  tool within the classroom.  If used correctly, social media provides students with an impactful and engaging learning experience. Yet, educators need to be aware of safety issues when using social media sites, such as cyber bullying, pornography, connections with online predators, and suicide discussions.  They need to understand that these are happening right on the school grounds, and they need to take steps to protect their students.

Schools should:

  • Help students understand what information should be private.
  • Talk to students about cyber bullying
  • Educate students about the threats of online predators.
  • Encourage students to report concerns to authorities.
  • Implement a safe learning solution that will filter and monitor online communication amongst students.

The Benefits of Implementing Gaggle

Gaggle can provide a line of defense as you work to provide a safe environment for your students online.


Gaggle’s online teaching and learning platform has various safety features in place that safeguard students such as specialized screening processes, Gaggle Safety Management and controlled communication. All of these and many other features work to constrain students using Gaggle from foul play.




Gaggle also helps protect students that register for other social sites. If students register for sites like with their Gaggle email account, notifications from the social sites are sent to school-provisioned Gaggle accounts and are filtered and monitored with Gaggle’s safety features.


Social media can lead to positive learning and teaching opportunities within the classroom. Still, understanding how students are using social media both inside and outside the classroom should be important to you and your faculty. Ensure you are taking the proper precautions to keep students safe while they are in your care. Work with your IT team and administration to implement a safe online teaching and learning platform like Gaggle.  With Gaggle, you will receive the benefits of an engaging social learning experience within a safe learning environment.