The Smart Way to Make the iPad a Perfect Learning Companion

Blended learning is the new craze these days.  Students are immersed in technology in every area of their lives, so why not allow that immersion to happen in the classroom? Having iPads in the classroom creates a more engaging environment that works to peak students’ interest in learning. The iPad give students a unique opportunity for “just in time” learning which fosters a better atmosphere for knowledge gathering and retention.

iPad and Real Student Safety
As exciting as it may be for teachers to begin to implement practices that flip the classroom and incorporate things like mobile devices and other technologies, it is important to be aware of the safety risks that come into play once you start to incorporate technology such as the iPad into the classroom.

In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to worry about safety issues such as:

  • Access to pornography
  • Cyberbullying
  • Potential abuse by online predators
  • Exposure to inappropriate content
  • Talks about suicide and depression

But the reality is that, REAL students will be using these devices.   Students need technology that can support learning as well as their social and emotional development.

Mitigating the Risks of Using the iPad in the Classroom
Many of the safety risks associated with iPads in the classroom can feel a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  Gaggle has built support for mobile device management into our communication and collaboration tools.   Gaggle’s safe online teaching and learning platform provides heightened safety and security for cases where iPads and other mobile devices are being incorporated in the K-12 classrooms.

Some of our safety proprietary features include:

  • Anti-pornography scanner
  • Gaggle Safety Management
  • Specialized Screening Processes
  • Controlled Communication
  • Secure Login

We are well aware of the concerns surrounding dangers like pornography, child predators and cyber bullying. Incorporating the use of our app for iPad at your school can give you the peace of mind to allow instructors to explore more blended learning methods.