6 Ways for #TechCoaches to Support Teachers and Students

Tech coaches continue to take a more prominent role in education, especially when it comes to supporting teachers and students. The ultimate goal is for tech coaches to work with both teachers and students to enhance the learning experience using technology. Here are a few tips for tech coaches to better support the teachers and students they work with.

blue oneReview the Standards
Understanding the standards set for tech coaches is always a great first step. Even if you’re familiar with them, it never hurts to refresh your memory on expectations and best practices. Take some time to review the ISTE Standards.

blue twoExplore #TechCoaches
Social media allows us all to interact with colleagues across the globe to find new ways to approach our daily tasks. Follow the #TechCoaches hashtag on Twitter to keep up with new trends happening worldwide.

blue threeEnforce cyber safety
There’s nothing more important than being good digital citizens. Find opportunities to share safe practices and be sure to enforce cyber safety as well. There are plenty of Cyber Safety courses available along with posters and other collateral to share with students and teachers.

blue fourIntegrate your calendars
Staying in synch with teachers and students is a great way to make sure that you are all on the same page. Use the calendar function in your learning management system to link everyone’s calendars.

blue fiveCommunicate often
Keep the lines of communication open between you, students and their teachers. The more you communicate together, the stronger the relationship can become. Email is a great method of primary communication, but feel free to mix it up with instant messaging as well.

blue sixRemember everyone’s needs
In order for the relationship to be cohesive and effective, you should always start by keeping both teachers’ and students’ needs in mind. Focus on their needs and it will help ensure that you’re all always on track for your goals.