Should You Move Your Email Archive to the Cloud?

The decision to archive your email in the cloud shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like any decision, there are pros and cons to archiving in the cloud or keeping your archive on premise, so before you set your mind on either option, your best bet is to fully evaluate each option based on your specific needs.

Hardware and Infrastructure
Take the time to assess the costs and investment required to install and maintain the hardware and infrastructure for an on-premise email archiving solution. Cloud vendors often have the ability to invest in higher quality and more reliable hardware infrastructure than you might be able to afford.

Maintenance and Management
You also will need to decide who should be responsible for maintaining and managing your archive. With an in-house solution, the responsibility of installing, configuring and operating the archive will fall on your IT team. This means you have total control of the solution. On the other hand, choosing the cloud means you can outsource the management of your email archive to a trusted provider. While you relinquish some control, you provide your IT team the option to focus on other priorities.

Security and Compliance
With an on-premise archiving solution, you’re responsible for adequately screening your personnel and maintaining a secure network and infrastructure. Additionally, that infrastructure should not only be secure, but it should meet minimum compliance regulations. Outsourcing your solution relieves many of the pressures that come with doing all of the work yourself. With a cloud solution, physical access to your data is significantly reduced, and you can choose a vendor that is fully committed to top notch security and compliance practices.