Shedding Pounds with a Paperless Diet

Many New Year’s resolutions are still going strong even as we near the end of the first quarter. What if you could shed a few pounds by simply following a paperless diet? The weight won’t come off your body, but it can make you feel great. Here are a few ways you can drop the weight in your purse or your backpack.

blue one smallDigitize your files
Instead of printing hard copies of everything, try cloud products like Google Apps or a Safe Classroom Learning Management System (LMS) to store all of your important files. You can even get your students in the habit of digitizing their files by using a file hosting service for your students to turn in their work.

green 2 smallSwitch to eBooks
Instead of lugging around a five-pound book for each course you teach or facilitate, consider electronic versions. This way, all you need to carry is your tablet. And even if you only have a laptop, one laptop can be much lighter than a bunch of textbooks.

orange 3 smallTake notes in the cloud
Notebooks, binders and notepads all take up space and unnecessary weight. Download a notetaking app on the same device you access your eBooks and you have everything you need in one place.

yellow 4 smallShare online
Sometimes your projects will require collaboration. Instead of exchanging hard copies of your documents, use a collaborative environment, such as Google Drive or an LMS, where multiple people can work on one document at the same time.

pink 5 smallSave it and back it up
Being on a paperless diet can really help you shed the excess weight you are carrying around, but make sure to be smart with your digital files. Get in the habit of saving often and having a reliable backup solution so you are never at risk of losing your important documents.