School Districts are Relying on Cloud Archiving

Did you know that Gaggle provides cloud archiving with discounted educational pricing?

More and more districts are moving to cloud-based email services and reassessing email archiving requirements to meet eDiscovery, FOIA,and backup needs. Gaggle currently provides cloud based archiving services for over 700 districts and manages over 300,000 accounts. Gaggle is capable of archiving Google Apps, Office 365, Exchange and other email systems.

Benefits of cloud archiving include:

  • Reduce Costs – Cloud-based archiving offers a lower initial investment because it does not require additional hardware or software.
  • Secure Offsite Storage – Your data is stored in the cloud in multiple geographic locations. You can sleep well knowing that someone else is managing the security of your data.
  • End User Access – Your end users can be granted web-based access to their archived email with powerful search tools that turn your archives into a knowledge repository.
  • Predictable Costs – With a web-based service your costs are generally the same each year regardless of your retention policy.
  • Flexible Retention Policies – Gaggle’s archiving service offers a high degree of customization.
  • Account and Data Migration – Archiving services are compatible with multiple email providers and can help migrate email from your current system to the new system.
  • Security Features and Logging – Cloud based systems offer extensive security features to ensure the integrity of your archived data. In addition, most services offer logging of all activity associated with your archives.

Gaggle’s Email Archiving Solution helps you easily store, manage, and retrieve your data. If you’d like information about Gaggle’s archiving service contact us at 800-288-7550 or