Responding to Student Data Privacy Concerns

Since it was announced in October, more than three dozen leading K-12 school service providers, including Gaggle, have signed a pledge to advance student data privacy protection.

“We didn’t hesitate when asked to be one of the first companies to sign this important data privacy pledge,” said Gaggle CEO and founder Jeff Patterson. “Gaggle has been working with school districts for 15 years and we’ve always maintained clear terms regarding how we treat student data.”

During a recent Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) webinar: Responding to Student Privacy Concerns, a panel of experts explained why it’s essential for other educational technology companies to take the pledge. SIIA and the Future of Privacy Forum are spearheading the initiative. Here are six important takeaways addressed during the webinar:

blue oneCompanies may collect, use, share and retain student information only for the purposes authorized by the institution, by the teacher, or by the student or parent.

blue twoTransparency is critical throughout the process. Vendors should disclose clearly in contracts or privacy policies what is collected, how it’s used, and with whom it’s shared.

blue threeCompanies should be committed to providing support for data correction to both the institution and parents.

blue fourData security is important. Companies should maintain a comprehensive security program reasonably designed to protect student data. There should be administrative, technological and physical safeguards, which should be based on the sensitivity of the information itself.

blue fiveIf service providers are working with third parties in sharing data, then the subcontractors and vendors who have access, or with whom data is shared, have the a similar obligation to implement the same commitments provided by the service providers.

blue sixIf there’s a merger, acquisition or other business arrangement, the entity receiving the personal information has an obligation to implement the same commitments for the previously collected student information.

Visit SIIA to find out more about the pledge to advance student data privacy protection or view a press release regarding Gaggle’s ongoing commitment to student data privacy.