Relieve Technology Headaches This Summer:
Sync Your EdTech Applications Together

Most school districts have plenty of enterprise applications that have to be synchronized at the start of every school year. This process is increasingly becoming a significant undertaking for districts pulling their limited IT manpower away from addressing other critical priorities before the first school bell rings.

But what if you could depend on one trusted partner to handle this integration and manage users in assessment platforms, learning management systems and curriculum platforms? This one company would make sure that your school district is able to automatically have student information, class structures and other data update safely between these critical applications throughout the year.

Instead of having to tell five, 10 or 20-plus different partners, “We changed this…” or “We did this…,” you have one conversation and you’re done. It simplifies everything and allows stretched IT departments to focus on other projects, such as initiatives related to Common Core or implementing new classroom instructional models like flipped classrooms, blended learning, 1:1 or BYOD.

The first important consideration when choosing an integration partner is to understand its position on privacy. The Gaggle Unity Program―officially announced last month at ISTE―not only wraps student safety around this integration, but it reinforces the entire initiative with a privacy policy that extends to account provisioning and identity management, all from a company that is much more than just a data provider and has a history in education, working with hundreds of school districts.

Besides the business risk of entrusting your data to a company you’ve never heard of, another key differentiator is cost.  More specifically, the idea that free is never really free. You might be lured into working with a “new kid on the block” offering you a free service. School districts need to understand that when partners are being charged to integrate with them, it will translate into additional costs that the district will pay for with each application it integrates. The Gaggle Unity Partner Program is free to any partner, thus it will not translate into any additional costs to the district.

The first bell of the new school year will ring soon. I’m guessing that account provisioning and single sign-on could be taking up a lot of your summer hours. We would love to talk to you about how Gaggle can help you reduce costs and delays in accomplishing an increasingly important initiative for almost every school district.