Why Website Design Plays a Huge Role in How Your School is Perceived

While it might seem that a website is simply a “nice to have,” it plays a much larger role than you think in the success of your school or district.

A first impression

Often, before someone ever sets foot on your campus, they’ve paid a visit to your website. Your website should be a one-stop shop for your entire school community. If it isn’t, you’re not giving off a very good impression. As cliché as it might seem, we all know how important first impressions are.

While this might not deter visitors from actually visiting your campus, it could create a bad first impression prior to them making an in-person visit. Make sure your website design is clean and welcoming so when new visitors land on your website, they don’t wish they were somewhere else.

Easy to get information

Your school community—students, parents, taxpayers, etc.,—expect to find what they’re looking for on your website. When discovering information isn’t easy, visitors will get frustrated. That frustration carries over to how they perceive your school or district… your brand.

Think about who your target audiences are; the people who will frequent your website the most. What information are they seeking? At the same time, be careful not to create information overload.

Build trust

When the information on your website is easy to find and up to date, it gains the trust of your school community, and your brand earns more respect. Even if you don’t see your school or district brand in the same way as some of the most well-known consumer brands, you can use your website to create a good impression of your school and maintain a strong perception throughout the community.