Put Down the Pen & Paper: Benefits of Note Taking Using Technology

There’s nothing like good ole pen and paper when it’s time to take notes, right? Why are some students not as quick to move from a handy notebook to an app on an iPad or some other mobile device when taking notes? While the beauty of note taking remains in the eye of the beholder, here are some reasons to help students make the switch.

Different student learning styles
Taking notes on a digital device can be less restrictive depending on the application students use. The more popular note-taking apps allow users to play back their notes, which is a great tool for students who are audible learners. Additionally, when using technology, students can also record sound bites from the lectures, which can be a great tool to bridge the gap for ESL and other students.

Simplified sharing
The notion of team building and group work has taken on a new meaning in today’s classroom with activities like discussion boards and online learning. Note taking with technology simplifies the sharing process and eliminates the challenges of misplacing a page or two of someone’s notes once they are shared. With technology, notes can be shared with the click of a button, and as long as they are saved or backed up it’s pretty difficult to lose them.

Search functionality
An obvious reason for students to take notes is to get an opportunity to go back and review them during homework and study time. But sometimes flipping through pages of notes to find one piece of information can be discouraging. Many note-taking apps offer search functionality where students can search keywords and phrases to better locate information.

Note taking with technology may not be right for every classroom or student. There are, however, some powerful benefits to giving students the option to use technology for their note-taking responsibilities. And remember, all note-taking apps do not offer the same functionality. We’d love to know some of your favorite note-taking apps.