Protecting Students and Creating Teachable Moments

A district-wide initiative to implement Microsoft Office 365 meant Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) needed a way for students to be safe using tools such as email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Email messages, as well as content created and shared in OneDrive, now are integrated with Gaggle’s Safety Management for Office 365. MNPS is also able to assure that this technology initiative protects students from visual depictions that are obscene and child pornography as outlined in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

In addition to the filtering and monitoring provided with Safety Management for Office 365, other benefits include:

  • No changes to how students login, or how schools maintain their accounts.
  • Uses questionable content as “teachable moments” to help students become positive digital citizens.
  • Prevents possible student situations, including the suicide of one student. “Without Gaggle, we would have never known about the troubles this girl was having,” said Dr. Kecia Ray, the district’s Executive Director of Learning Technology & Library Services.

Read more about Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools’ experience using Safety Management for Office 365 and how the district is fulfilling safety expectations of administrators and parents in the case study, “Protecting Students & Creating Teachable Moments.”