Parsons District Schools: Making Students Successful in Life and Academics

Parsons District Schools in Kansas is a rural school system of 1,300 students with a strong mission and vision to make students successful in life and academics. New to Gaggle this school year, Parsons rolled out Gaggle across the district, and added a professional development program to train teachers and staff.

Parsons’ first training was so successful that the district’s director of technology, Paul Langford―who’s quickly become an avid Gaggler―felt compelled to send Andrea Keith, Gaggle’s Director of Client Engagement, a note about why he loves working with the Gaggle team.

“Parsons is already benefiting from Gaggle in countless ways,” he writes. “The Gaggle team has been top notch. I have previously managed technology support organizations in high-tech companies and have been the Director of Technology here for the past 15 years, and have never worked with a better group of professionals. Gaggle leadership should be very proud of the people you employ and represent your company and your products.”

Additional district goals in 2014 include more training for teachers, increasing Gaggle usage, opting-in to Gaggle’s Safety Management and considering Gaggle’s new website hosting product.