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Professional Development
Have You Done Any Google Hacking Lately?

A weird question to ask right? Since the word “hacking” brings to light a negative connotation. For one moment though, I want you to put a positive spin on the word “hacking” particularly as it relates to the education.


Student Safety
Safety Management Categories: Drugs & Alcohol

This is the fifth post in a series on our Safety Management categories. Gaggle Safety Representatives are tasked with identifying incidents of drug and alcohol use when reviewing student email communications, files, links and attachments.


Mobile Learning
Why School Boards Should Want to Get Devices Into the Hands of Students

For years, school boards have worked to put learning devices into the hands of students, whether through carts, one-to-one or BYOD initiatives. School boards can better ensure that students are prepared to use technology at further stages in life and make use of great online educational resources.


Archiving & Backup
3 Email Archiving Considerations When Using More Than One Provider

We often work with school districts that have staff using a product such as Office 365 while students get Gmail accounts. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you have email from more than one system that you want to be part of one email archive.


Student Safety
Student Online Safety This Summer: Digital Empathy from Mom and Dad

The number one issue young people face online–and it may even be truer during these summer months–is their parents are largely absent from their digital lives. Our experience and research shows it starts with digital empathy.


Student Safety
How Gaggle Safety Management Fulfills Your Internet Safety Policy

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires the adoption and enforcement of an Internet Safety Policy. In conversations with schools and districts across the country, we’ve learned that some districts still don’t have a policy in place, while others struggle to keep them accurate and up to date.

"Privacy settings" on the screen. Woman hands over the keyboard on laptop.

Student Safety
K-12 Data Security, Privacy & Safety: What’s the Difference?

K-12 data security, data privacy and student online safety have all become familiar topics for schools and districts. The meanings of these terms are often confused for one another, however, which leads to misinformation and misunderstanding on how they relate to, and differ from, one another.

Self-harm concept with hand holding blade

Student Safety
Safety Management Categories: Suicide & Self Harm

This is the fourth post in a series on our Safety Management categories. Gaggle Safety Representatives are tasked with identifying instances of self harm, which can include self-inflicted physical violence, threats of suicide and even eating disorders.