Overcoming the Summer Slide

As a former teacher, I remember celebrating the arrival of summer as much as my students did. But those summer months looked much different for me than it did for my students.

While I would spend time traveling with my kids, catching up on some reading, attempting all the DIY projects I pinned to Pinterest, and even balancing my checkbook, the majority of my students would spend  the summer playing video games, watching TV and enjoying a pool.

Thus, the infamous “summer slide” would begin. You know the time between the last day of school and the first day of school when students forget just about everything they learned the year before?  So how can we stop the summer slide?

If you’ve been using a blended learning model in your classroom this year, then use this approach to engage students over the summer. Give your students access to content and the ability to post to discussion boards. For instance, if you’re a social studies teacher, you can share interesting links to news and events over the summer. Math teachers can create surveys and post follow-up questions based on the results, allowing students to post answers.

For the bloggers out there, have your students continue blogging about their summer activities and encourage others to comment on their posts. Another way to engage students over the summer is to use the collaboration feature in Google Drive or OneDrive to write a collaborative story or keep an online journal.

And finally, for all of the teachers out there who require “summer work,” have students complete the activities online, whether it’s answering questions, taking quizzes or writing summaries, all of these activities can be done online, using the tools you have been using all year long!