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Overcoming Password Challenges with Elementary Students


Technology in the classroom almost always means dealing with user accounts and juggling passwords.

Students already likely have to remember usernames and passwords to log into classroom or lab computers. And with every learning platform, there’s another set of credentials students need to remember. Some teachers use generic passwords that they can write on the board while others choose to manage passwords using a paper filing system.The process of managing passwords can be both frustrating and time consuming for teachers and students. But there is a better way.

To say the least, the process of managing passwords can be both frustrating and time consuming for teachers and students. But there is a better way.

Single Sign On Solutions Can Ease the Pressure

Imagine students only needing to click a link to log them directly into the platforms you use in the classroom. With a Single Sign-On feature, better known as SSO, students no longer need to manage usernames and passwords for each learning object you use in the classroom. SSO  provides quick and easy access with fewer interruptions during learning and instruction time. SSO allows students to log into one primary system such as a Learning Management System (LMS), and from there, they can access all other learning tools you use in the classroom. The SSO solution acts as middleware, or a handshake, between the two systems so students do not have to log into each system every time.

Benefits of SSO within a LMS

  • Students click one link within the LMS and they’re logged into the instructional tools selected for their classroom.
  • A LMS’s SSO can support a variety of different learning platforms such as Brainpop, Accelerated Reader, Study Island, Discovery Education, Moodle and a host of others
  • When working with secure SSO solutions, students stay within the LMS, which means there is no need for bookmarks, typing in web addresses or browsing outside of the learning environment.
  • There is no need to download supplemental apps, as with the SSO solution you can determine which tools should be available through the LMS.

Password management no longer has to be a hassle. Choosing a Learning Management System with a Single Sign-On solution is the perfect way to simplify the process of passwords, especially for elementary students.

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