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New Website Provides District New Opportunities


“Our website was difficult to use at best,” recalled Tamara Carr, Marmaduke School District’s technology coordinator. “We were using extremely old technology. When I would try to update the site, it looked right on the laptop that I was working on, but it wouldn’t look the same on the web page.”

Because Marmaduke already was using Gaggle for safe student email, Tamara and Melissa Blackburn, district media specialist, saw additional value in having teachers use one system for both email and their class or club web pages. “Instead of going to two different places, we wanted to make it as easy as possible on everyone,” said Melissa.

Not long after the implementation phase of re-launching the Marmaduke website got underway, the district knew that it made the right choice when Gaggle stepped in and took control over the website content migration. “We already had the experience knowing what customer service we could get from Gaggle, and we honestly didn’t feel that we would get it from the other vendors,” said Tamara.

While the district staff admits there’s still a lot more they could do with the website—both aesthetically and functionally—there has already been a tremendous amount of time saved updating the website. The new website also has piqued the interest of teachers who Tamara hopes will eventually receive training on creating web pages so that every teacher has a consistent presence.

Read the entire case study, “Off to the Races: New Website Provides New Opportunities,” and more about the challenges and successes of schools and districts that have partnered with Gaggle to create their new websites by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.

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