New Cyberbullying Resource Available for Educators, Parents and Students

Whether we’re talking with superintendents, technology directors, police chiefs, parents or even students, a common theme is the need for a cyberbullying resource to understand the topic better and prevent cyberbullying incidents inside and outside of school.

To help, we’ve published a new ebook, “Everything You Need to Know (and more) About Cyberbullying.” Along with an opening section on who poses the greatest threat to student online safety, the ebook also includes:

  • Signs of Cyberbullying
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Cyberbullying
  • Not-So-Obvious Ways Students Experience Cyberbullying
  • How to React When Cyberbullying Occurs

Our new cyberbullying resource is packed with even more value including a section on the top cyberbullying websites and who each site is ideal for— whether administrators, educators, parents or students—and a cyberbullying pledge to share with students.

Here’s what people are saying about “Everything You Need to Know (and more) About Cyberbullying.”

“This is a great resource! It highlights not only the more ‘traditional’ methods of cyberbullying, but also the not-so-obvious ways kids can pressure or bully others online. This is a great handbook for educators to raise awareness and also provides some resources on how to prepare students should they encounter a cyberbully.”

— Carl Hooker, Director of Innovation & Digital Learning, Eanes Independent School District

“Gaggle has provided a very easy to read and understandable resource. I specifically liked how it identifies users being role models. This is a difficult issue for many as we want to help change the conversation from just saying ‘Don’t Do It’ to how do we help each other to use technology in a responsible manner.”

— Dr. Mike Ribble, Digital Citizenship Advocate & Author; Director of Technology, Manhattan-Ogden School District

“Gaggle has produced a truly excellent guide to cyberbullying that not only provides a comprehensive overview of the topic but, more importantly, offers schools and districts guidelines on how to be prepared to deal with this unfortunate byproduct on online life. Every school and or district should definitely take advantage of this terrific resource.”

— Diana Graber, Cyberwise

Download “Everything You Need to Know (and more) About Cyberbullying.”