Moving Instructional Technology in the Right, and Safe, Direction

Providing a safe forum for students to collaborate and share ideas had been a challenge at Little Rock School District. The largest school system in the state of Arkansas needed a way to reduce the often-lengthy process of monitoring online student behavior.

When moving to Gaggle’s Safe Classroom Learning Management System, Little Rock School District experienced several immediate benefits, including:

  • furthering its instructional technology initiatives;
  • continuing to expand its 1:1 program on Google Chromebooks and iPads;
  • reducing paper consumption;
  • and more.

Learn more about about why Barbara Williams, the district’s director of instructional technology and media services, is confident that Little Rock School District now provides its students the necessary tools to thrive as 21st century learners in the case study, “Little Rock School District: Moving Instructional Technology in the Right, and Safe, Direction.”