Managing Behavior in a Tech Classroom

Technology in the classroom stimulates student engagement and success. Edtech has truly changed the game when it comes to how students and teachers spend classroom time. But it’s important to consider the impact technology has on student behavior as well as how to best manage it. Here is a checklist for school teachers and staff to help keep students on task when using technology in the classroom.

 check mark Set clear rules and expectations immediately and post them for students to see.

  Make students aware of the consequences and enforce them when needed.

  Ensure the tasks are engaging and challenging so students don’t get bored.

  Set limits on the types of resources students are allowed to use.

  Make technology work for you by using a safe learning management system.

  Design a backup plan to maintain productivity in case the technology fails.

  Have a username and password management plan if you are not using single sign-on (SSO).

  Survey your students to determine their technology prowess.

  Work through the activities before your students so you are aware of any hiccups.

  Put a daily class “To Do” list on the board to set daily expectations.

  Use a class page and email to post and distribute class resources.

  Accept that technology is a supporting role in the cast.

  Remember that as the teacher, you will always have the leading role.

  Be prepared and flexible to adjust and readjust throughout the course of the year.

There’s a way to promote positive behaviors in a classroom full of technology. Set and enforce rules where you can, and incorporate technology to create additional boundaries to help students stay on task. Make sure you are flexible because technology is constantly changing and there may be areas where you have to adjust and adapt to ensure continued productivity and success.