LMS Toolkit: Tips for Effectively Using a Learning Management System

Many school districts purchase a Learning Management System (LMS) to create, deliver and manage learning. Rediscover these tips, tricks, guides and other resources dedicated to effectively implementing a Learning Management System.

Support Differentiated Instruction >>
This past April, we provided these three ways a learning management system can greatly reduce the time required to plan, develop and implement differentiated instruction inside and outside of the classroom.

Reach the Tough Kids >>
Many educators struggle with the challenge of getting through to the tough kids who can easily become lost. Here are three creative ways to reach tough students by utilizing tools available in your LMS.

Flip the K12 Classroom >>
One of the easiest ways to manage the flipped classroom is with a Learning Management System. Here are some suggestions on how to use your LMS to get students to work more outside the classroom while inspiring engagement inside the classroom.

Incorporate into Learning Spaces >>
The learning space is a very important aspect of effective teaching. Here are three components to consider for your learning space when using an LMS.

Help Students Prepare for a Test >>
A learning management system is more than just a course management tool. Our Customer Service Supervisor, Kim Janvrin, came up with these ways an LMS can help students prepare for a test.

Goal Setting to Make You a Better Teacher >>
There are many features within an LMS that are available to help teachers with planning and organization. Planning ahead is a huge component of goal setting, and without being organized it would be quite difficult to effectively reach any goal.

Flip Your Professional Development >>
Many school districts are having great success using their learning management system to flip their professional development. A popular post from earlier this year, here are the four main benefits they’re experiencing from flipping professional development.

Help with Student-Led Conferences >>
With the help of your learning management system, a student-led conference can provide students more of an opportunity to take charge of various challenges on their paths to success.

Stay Connected During Snow Days >>
Snow days are typically fun for students. But when they pile on into the school year, snow days cut into valuable instruction time. Here are some ways to use your LMS to facilitate instruction and coursework in the event of multiple snow days.

Paperless Grading >>
Within an LMS, teachers can easily create, assign, collect and score digital worksheets and align questions to state standards. Whether you’re new to paperless grading or have experience using another tool, here are some tips to keep in mind.