Is Your School Website Also a Recruitment Tool?

Neighborhood lines no longer determine where students attend school. Because parents now have a choice, it’s even more important for your school website to be an accurate reflection of your school and all of its positive characteristics. Schools are competing for students and having a great website can help win the competition.

Illustrate who you are
Your vision and mission help differentiate you from every other school. It’s not enough to only state those phrases at the top of your website. Your vision and mission should be illustrated throughout your website in words, in pictures and videos. If there’s something on your website that isn’t a strong representative of your school and its values, get rid of it.

Know your target audience
There’s nothing worse than speaking in a room full of people who don’t have any interest in what you’re saying. Take some time to understand the audience you want to attract and the best way to address them. How do they speak? What interests them? These are all questions you should ask as you create content for your website.

Put your website out there
Your website is your brand. Find ways to attract visitors to your website. Use social media, commercials and even blogs to spread the word and increase website traffic. The more traffic you have to your website, the more visibility you will gain. And if you do an excellent job illustrating who you are and know your audience, when they arrive, you might have just won the competition.