Is Paper Your Worst Enemy? It’s Time to Take Advantage of Paperless Grading

Loose papers, paper in binders, papers stapled together, and worst of all, piles of paper. Think about it. How many copies of worksheets, handouts or textbook pages do teachers make each week? Each day? How many copies of essays or homework assignments do students give teachers every week?

As more schools move towards 1:1 learning environments and attempt to reduce paper use, teachers are seeking new options for assessing student work digitally. In addition, finding paperless grading workflows becomes more important as blended learning environments expand and teachers no longer communicate with students solely face-to-face. In fact, a major barrier for students completing various assignments online has been the lack of a digital grading workflow that instructors can adopt. Paperless grading can be a tool that allows teachers to do their jobs more efficiently.

Here are some benefits to paperless grading:

• 24/7 feedback
Paperless grading gives students the ability to access instructor feedback 24 hours a day while teachers can evaluate work anywhere on their own devices.

• Better organization
A paperless classroom not only gets rid of those mountains of paper, it also helps keep teachers and their students organized.

• Cost savings
Reducing the need for students and teachers to actually print a document, reduces the cost of maintaining paper and toner supplies for school printers.

• Time saver
Paperless grading saves time. A simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review and grade assignments quickly, all in one place.

• Track progress
With paperless grading, teachers have the ability to easily track student evaluations and progress: part living documentation of progress, part portfolio, part conversation.

• Always learning
Learning never has to stop. Students who are absent, forget an assignment at school, are on vacation or are missing school because of a snow day can have quick access to scored assessments, assignments, tests and quizzes.