Introducing Social Network Spotlight

We’re excited to debut a new series of posts called “Social Network Spotlight,” written to provide educators unique insights into popular social networks students are using.

Comprised of input from Gaggle Safety Management, which includes experts on student communications and interactions online, as well as former educators, Social Network Spotlight is a go-to resource for pros and cons about each social network in addition to Gaggle’s own recommendations and safety ratings.

Each posts consists of an introduction, providing a brief overview of the social network, followed by the benefits and pitfalls of allowing student access. Understanding the pros and cons that each different network can bring to a student allows for the best use of today’s online tools while keeping students safe.

Following the pros and cons is a “Gaggle Safety Rating.” Each rating is an average score between 1 and 10 based on the popularity of the social network, ease of use, privacy options and content. For instance, a score of 1 would be given to a social network never appropriate for students, while a score of 10 would be awarded to a perfectly safe social network that requires no adult supervision.


Next is a bulleted list of tips for educators, consisting of advice on reporting abuse, dealing with student privacy, and some general use tips. A list of helpful reference links that an educator could find useful also is included.

Finally, a summary and some final thoughts gives educators ideas on how to approach each social network and and can be a great reference to share with colleague and parents when discussing students’ use of social networks.

“Our team at Gaggle is excited to provide this valuable resource to educators,” said Rob Yoegel, Vice President of Marketing. “We continue to be proactive in helping educators and students understand how social networks can be used in a positive way. I think ‘Social Network Spotlight’ can lead to great conversations not only within the walls of a classroom or school, but at home as well.”

Starting this week, learn Gaggle’s Safety Ratings for the following social networks: