Internet Hoaxes

We are aware of the Momo challenge. As with any other internet hoax, trend, challenge, or story, the way we analyze content allows us to review concerning situations regarding suicide, self-harm, and violence—regardless of the trending words used.  In the event that the resurfaced Momo challenge hoax leads your kids to communicate about thoughts of suicide, cutting, or hurting others, Gaggle will be here to help you protect your children. Additionally, we are being extra vigilant for Momo-related issues.

“We’ve seen trends like this in the past that turn out to be hoaxes.  As always, our vigilance lies with the words the kids are using, and getting you the right information at the right time to save kids lives—and not the hoax itself,” said Heather Durkac, VP of Operations for Gaggle.

If you or your district have any concerns or questions please reach out to us at