How to Use Technology in Your Faculty Meetings

Technology in the classroom plays a significant role in student engagement as teachers continue to implement a variety of tools to improve the learning process. Meanwhile, staff meetings often lag behind this tech transformation.

Do you struggle with active participation in your staff meetings? Do some teachers seem to pay hardly any attention once they arrive? If so, it might be time to incorporate some technology to drive more interaction and interest during faculty meetings. Engaging faculty using technology isn’t as hard as you thinkHere’s how:

Incorporate BYOD
Instead of teachers using pen and paper to keep track of what will be covered in a staff meeting, encourage them to bring their own devices. Don’t pass out hard copies of the agenda. Email an agenda ahead of time so everyone can pull them up on their tablets or smartphones and use a note taking app they prefer during the meeting.

Start a show and tell
Now we aren’t suggesting that you go back to your childhood and bring in cute stuffed animals and baby blankets. But there’s something about the classic show and tell that just works. Give your teachers an opportunity to share tips and tricks about the technology they’re using in their classroom. Highlight two or three tech tips at each staff meeting.

Poll the faculty with SMS
Since everyone is bringing their own devices, give them a reason to use them. Instead of the traditional “raise your hand if you agree,” poll teachers through text messages. In addition to spicing things up a bit, text message polls using a tool like Poll Everywhere will make it easier to keep track of votes rather than counting the hands in the air.

Have a faculty blog
While teachers often will blog with their students, consider a dedicated blog for your teachers. Use it as a way garner feedback on faculty meetings and directives given at the meeting. You can also use the blog to make sure that you’re planning faculty meetings around relevant topics.