How to Use Office Mix in the Classroom

Office Mix is already considered to be a possible game changer in the classroom. There are teachers who quickly are becoming super users while Microsoft only announced the customer preview of the new tool this past May.

A free “add-in” for PowerPoint, Office Mix allows teachers to make presentations interactive with quizzes and labs. Office Mix simplifies the task of integrating online content into lesson plans. Although the product is new, some teachers have already identified notable ways, such as the eight here, to use Office Mix in the classroom.

blue oneExplore the Mix
Use the public gallery to create, upload and share mixes with other teachers. View existing mixes to come up with new ways to do old tricks.

blue twoCapture you Lecture
Record your classroom sessions and upload them to your LMS for students who miss class, or as a resource for future study time.

blue threeShare the Fun
Allow students to create their own mixes to share with other students and to complete projects and group assignments.

blue fourChunk Your Content
Keep your mixes to five minutes or less so they only cover individual concepts. Doing so makes the content more palatable for students to grasp.

blue fiveAssess and Provide Feedback
Offer formative assessments at the end of the instructional mixes and then give students feedback on where and how to improve.

blue sixFlip the Classroom
Use mixes for self-directed study and practice to free up classroom time for more cognitive learning experiences.

blue sevenRepurpose Existing PowerPoint Slides
Save time by building your mixes from existing PowerPoint slides for student-directed content.

blue eightAnalyze the Data
Incorporate the reporting and analytics into your grading and feedback loop to offer more personalized direction to students.

Microsoft is hard at work taking feedback from existing users so Office Mix can become even more powerful inside and outside of the classroom. What are some ways you might use Office Mix in your classroom?