How to Drive Safe Office 365 Adoption

Office 365 broadens the capacity for learning, offering on-demand access to documents and projects and providing new and creative outlets for students to learn inside and outside of the classroom. But educators should also understand the safety risks associated with Office 365 and make sure they have appropriate controls in place.

To help technology facilitators increase adoption of Office 365 and to help ensure that Microsoft’s productivity tools will be safe for teachers and students, we’ve created a new ebook, “How to Safely Adopt Office 365 into Your School.”

In addition to outlining Office 365′s safety risks, the new ebook covers topics such as:

• Making digital lesson-planning easy

• Promoting collaborative learning

• Creating an efficient classroom

Start tomorrow’s school day better prepared to use Office 365 to help students learn, save teachers time and promote the power of digital communication and collaboration. Download our new ebook today.